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Financing CLimate Adaptation Projects for Non-Profits and For-Profits
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For CBO's, Non-Profits in General and Conventional Businesses and Those Transitioning into the GREEN ECONOMY

Climate Change and Adaptation requires planning for change and often readiness for the unforeseeable. This CCEDA Resource Guide provides comprehensive insights into practices, tools, services, and planning. But adding even more value, herein we expose many resources to help FINANCE valuable projects, and change, preparedness for both nonprofits and for-profits--a tremendously vital element often missing from these discussions.

Access to Capital Overviews

PART 1 - Non-Profit Funding

Non-Profits (NP) and Tax Exempt organizations are not funded by investors. They qualify for financing via Grants, Donations, Sponsorship, Gifts, In KIND (noncash support) and also memberships, and conduct Fund Raising Drives. You can also Sell Products and Services to support your NP.  NP's may apply for DEBT funding (Loans, Lines of Credit) from certain banking and credit unions institutions.  Corporations and other businesses can provide Sponsorships as part of their community outreach, social responsibility, and sustainability missions. The primary sources for NP's for Grants are the world's Philanthropic Foundations, most requiring NP's be 501 c 3 type entities.  Even if you are not a Tax Exempt/Tax Deductible entity, there are ethical UMBRELLA and Fiscal Sponsorship platforms that can be the exempt entity for your projects. There are federal, state, and local government programs for a variety of grants. Many USA agencies such as EPA, Energy, NSF, etc have programs and funding opportunities, such as SBIR's. The USA federal level has a long-existing GRANTS.GOV to research the possibilities.

Internet Crowd Funding for charities and non-profits is a new phenomenon (sic)

In the Resources presented in this section, you will discover entities that provide assistance with researching and discovering Grants, and writing Grants, suited to your projects and missions, as well as many of the foundations suited to Impact, climate, sustainability, green /environmental organizations, etc.

PART 2 - For-Profit Introduction

Nonprofit Resource Guide and Case Studies

This Resource Guide outlines non-profit funding resources, templates, funding opportunities, case studies, free or cheap resources for fundraising, and more. In the lefthand column a brief description of the resource outlines, to the right of that is the actual link to the website, and in the righthand column is the organization type.

For-Profit entities have a variety of options to help fund their projects or businesses, from the raw start-ups to growing existing enterprises. Many of the funding options are based on the type of corporation, biz vehicle you are, whether you are Pre Revenue or Post Revenue, and kinds of Intellectual Property and other real Assets your control. 

SALES of products and services are a main form of funding and are responsible for growth from profitability. Equity  (INVESTORS) and DEBT (Banks, Credit Unions--loan based) funders are pathways, although often speculative. Broadly, there are three kinds of investors--those that are private individuals, and those in Angel and Venture Capital and other investment funds. A relativity new pathway is the SEC Regulated  Title 3 Equity CrowdFunding option ...a "revolution" in that anyone, accredited or unaccredited -- and from around the world- -may invest or loan in a USA company.                                                                                     

Currently, there are traditional bricks and mortar institutions, and a wide variety of ONLINE  examples of these types of funders. The US federal government in the form of US SBA guaranteed Loans are available to qualified entities for business development, buying existing biz, or property, or owning buildings. And the SBA programs of SBDC and SCORE aid in assisting enterprises in preparation for funding, as well as a huge number of private consultants and operations that help prepare Biz Plans, and broker financing deals. The State of California has many business assistance programs (GO BIZ Cal BIZ, etc), including programs for guaranteed loans from lenders. There are REVENUES that can be derived from LICENSING products, services, and IP rights.


Finally, it is a great approach to team up with an NP and benefits from Co-Marketing programs to create a "win-win" situation of the non-profits reselling your products or services as FUND Raising Tools, while promoting your company and brand.

The Innovative fashion brand Patagonia is making important first steps in the wake of climate change. Patagonia is working to become completely Carbon Neutral by the year 2025. This carbon neutrality will be for a specific range of the apparel and gear production process: from raw materials extraction and production to customer purchase. 

Of Case Study

Non-Profit Resource Guide &

Case Studies

This Resource Guide outlines non-profit funding resources, templates, funding opportunities, case studies, free or cheap resources for fundraising, and more. 

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