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Transitioning to the Green Economy 

The Inclusive Green Economy--the Permanent Solution to Climate Change and fostering Natural Eco-Systems Equilibrium

What is it? Simply, all of the world's Economic endeavors transitioned into a system of total sustainability--- fully energized by renewable, clean energy,100% recycling, zero waste, climate change halted-green house gases/carbon inputs at zero, environmental justice for all, environmental, natural and human activity in harmonious balance, zero pollution and a cleaned up, restorative, ameliorated

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mess from our past, high efficiency/productivity systems in business and education, repaired and unbroken ecosystems, planetary responsibility by all civilization, elimination of War, resilience to natural disasters, regenerative abilities and policies, clean industries/all Green/Clean Tech products and services, nontoxic products and services for humanity and our animals and pets (and protection, the revival of endangered specials, biomass, etc), the BIOBASED (plants) Based economy, New alternative, sustainable, organic agricultural systems, new Earth-friendly diets/super nutrition, etc, etc!   (Jahmeel: one very controversial aspect is Population Growth--ZPG advocates replacements only.  World Watch Institute says we are already exceeding the planet's capacity to support our present population!---should we mention Population ...or steer clear?)

In short: The Green Economy involves improving the well-being of all humanity, creates social equality, justice equality, all while reducing the overall impacts and risks happening to the Earth's life support systems. This Chapter provides insights and tools, and the resources to immediately adopt policies, projects, and plans to TRANSITION everything we do conventionally, into the Inclusive Green Economy...this can start with individuals, education, business, government, communities organizations, non-profits, civic organizations, etc. This is a global effort, California is a leader, and the United Nations has adopted powerful Sustainable Development Goals. 

This case study goes over the innovative, hydrogen vehicles using Hydrogen fuel as its source of power in Los Angeles. The study outlines the necessary change in infrastructure to produce the hydrogen needed to run these hydrogen vehicles, as well as projections of how many hydrogen vehicles will be on the road in the next 20 years. 

Of Case Study

Resource Guide &

Case Studies

This Resource Guide outlines non-profit funding resources, templates, funding opportunities, case studies, free or cheap resources for fundraising, and more. 

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